Acudetox Clinics SA was established in 2006. It was established to ensure that all socio economic groups have access to quality addiction detoxification services through access to the NADA protocol (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association). Projects that offer the protocol exist today in over 40 countries. The settings in which the NADA model has been integrated include addictions, psychiatric/mental health, prisons, post traumatic stress centres, disaster relief, Native American reservations, refugee settings, pastoral care, humanitarian aid, sickle cell, cancer and HIV/AIDS care, case workers, volunteers, and harm reduction workers.

A simple 5 point protocol perfected over almost 40 years, backed by research & results has brought relief to tens of millions of people living with an addiction or suffering with a toxicity related disease

Auricular Detoxification or Acudetox

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Stress & Detox Treatments

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in traditional chinese medicine (tcm), when a person is stressed, their entire body and brain needs to be treated. the organs don’t function properly, the brain chemistry doesn’t function properly, and the result is a mind that isn’t peaceful.

in tcm and acupuncture, one treats the organ function and chemical processes of the brain to “reset” the body and mind to a peaceful state. acupuncture for stress is the most powerful treatment in the world. results are astounding to watch and experience.

acupuncture is also the fastest and most powerful method to detoxify the body and organs. even from such heavy metal toxins such as mercury.