Home Based 21 AcuDetox ™

We offer a home based addiction detoxification program which includes:

  • AcuDetox ™ for Addiction
  • Skype or One on One Addiction Recovery Guidance
  • Group Therapy Oversight and Guidance
  • Self Help Programme

An effective and affordable alternative to rehab based in Cape Town. It comprises of 14 day, 21 day, 28 day or 60 day programs depending on the clients individual needs. It caters for all forms of addictions.

Every addict dreams and wishes of cleaning up and living a life of sobriety, but doesn’t know where to begin, where to turn or find the help they need or can afford.

Warren Whitfield provides the services. He studied at Lincoln Memorial Recovery Centre in South Bronx which is a busy outpatient treatment clinic that sees up to 300 addicts per day. He has trained over 80 ADS’s in South Africa and is also the founder of the Addiction Action Campaign and the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA SA).

So not only can he relate to the addict but he also uses proven methods in overcoming addictions etc. by implementing an ‘Operating System’ of success for sobriety making recovery a lifestyle of choice!

Drugs are cheap, addiction is expensive and Recovery is an Investment. Make the right Choice Now and book your assessment today. Contact us here for a free assessment and lets get you on the road to recovery.

This video shows original footage from Lincoln Recovery Centre in South Bronx and the results that were achieved many years ago in New York. The same results are experienced today as well however nowadays there is plenty of research and anecdotal evidence on its efficacy.

Combining AcuDetox ™ with a trauma counselling or addiction recovery program ensures the best chance at recovering addiction.