AcuBrain tm – Bipolar Disorder Treatment

There are a few contemporary definitions for Bipolar Disorder according to psychiatrists and psychologists. But these modern definitions are as young in understanding as are the professions of psychology and psychiatry.

bipolar-disorder-alternative-symptoms-treatmentsAlternative approaches to treating the disorder are also varied. But some have had interesting and logical ideas to the causes and treatments of Bipolar Disorder. Take the NADA 5 Point treatment protocol for instance which is mainly used for treating addiction. The method uses acupunture on 5 points in ear ear to detoxify the organs. There are over 1500 clinics worldwide now that use the NADA 5 Point Protocol and more than 25000 trained specialists that use it.

Their approach to treating Bipolar Disorder surrounds their theory that emotional disorders of any kind can also be traced to healthy organ function. In traditional Chinese medicine, the organs play a vital role in brain chemistry function and emotional balance and well being. NADA have numerous studies that claim many successes in treating Bipolar Disorder with acupuncture.

Attention Defiict Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADD/ADHD are largely cause by the same reasons. In both disorders, ADD/ADHD & Bipolar Disorder are caused by developmental disorders characterised by behavioral, thinking and brain chemistry dysfunction. Toxicity plays a HUGE role in brain chemistry dysfunction and the use of modern allopathic medicines are in fact toxins, perpetuating the cycle of dysfunction.

We teach and use the NADA 5 Point Protocol for treating Biploar Disorder, addiction, emotional disorders as well as ADD & ADHD.